Arrow Ministries

The Creativity Shell has partnered with Arrow Ministries to teach sewing/textiles arts classes to children rescued from sex trafficking. A Vocational Fashion program has been introduced to this group. It is designed to teach the children job training skills they can use once they leave the shelter to find employment.Some of the programs in our Vocational Fashion Program include: fabric dyeing, textile arts, fashion merchandising, up-cycling, alterations, tailoring and more.

Fashion Merchandising 101
Students in this class begin to learn the business side of fashion. Students will learn skills such as making their own color wheel, understanding color concepts, learn the effects of merchandise planning and purchasing as well as learning basic fashion sales techniques. Some of our merchandising students will help to plan our organization’s Annual Fashion Shows.

Students in this class will learn to alter items such as pants, wedding dresses, shirts, skirts and more. This is a great class that can prepare a student to open their own alterations business or work for a facility that offers alterations.

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