Kingwood Branch Library (Teens)

The Creativity Shell sewing/textile arts program for teens at the Kingwood Library is an excellent collaboration between the Library and the Creativity Shell to find creative ways
to educate and inspire kids! 95% of students in this program have NEVER used a sewing machine prior to the launch of our program. By the end of the first class, students gained the ability to sew a tangible item to take home.

The lack of sewing machines in this program encouraged students to share. Through sharing, students were able to work with each other to solve common machine and sewing programs. Sharing machines however, slows down the output capabilities of the students and delays our limited class time.

Students began their first day of class sewing bookmarks. As of this writing (2 months after the first day of class); they are making their own pants with pockets.

** All students in this program will design and make garments to wear in our organizations annual fashion show at the Children’s Museum of Houston in May 2016!

Follow us on Twitter for more information and updates about our sewing club: @creativityshell.