Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy

At Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy (YWCPA), our organization works with Grade 12 students. (Some middle school students have been “sneaking” into our classes during their lunch break but they are more than welcome!) All of the students in this program have NEVER used a sewing machine prior to our class. (Within 2 months, they were already making pants with pockets and plackets!)

Students are from the engineering department and they are learning to sew with Electricity Conductive Threads (ECT). Students will learn to use ECT to add electrical elements to their garments such as lights. Students will also learn to “CODE” the electrical elements of their garments and allow them to “Light Up” in sequence.

The Creativity Shell uses the Study Hall time to conduct our sewing classes are students are free to opt out of sewing if they choose. We have found however that the lack of grading for this class has created an intrinsic learning environment where students are freely choosing to join our class to learn something fun and new.

Adding STEAM to a STEM Program!
Because our students at YWCPA are also from the engineering department, students are learning how to draft their own clothing patterns and understand the difference between transforming a 2D pattern into a 3D object. They will eventually draft clothing patterns not only for themselves, but for the robots they create as well.

All students in this program will design and make garments to wear in our organizations annual fashion show at the Children’s Museum of Houston.

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