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Dear Friends of the Creativity Shell,

Three years ago, we ventured out on a mission to teach the lost art of sewing to the next generation. Many people thought we were crazy, “it’s just not something that kids like to do anymore” we were told.

Fast forward to today, we are working with over 400+ students a week, we have expanded our programs to teach cooking, financial literacy and other design classes such as architecture and industrial design.

In addition, our programs in shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking are thriving.  We had a student in one of our classes last week who is recovering from opioid addiction and sex trafficking that shared with our class that she just remembered she used to sew with her grandmother when she was younger.  Needless to say, I shed a happy tear for her memory and it got me thinking that we must continue to do more for our most vulnerable students.

For the 2018 end of year campaign, the Creativity Shell is launching M.A.D.E (Making a Difference Every day) and we are trying to raise $20,000 to help us provide more public classes to students in Shelters that rescue children from homeless, trauma and human trafficking.

By 2019, the Creativity Shell will be hosting a special M.A.D.E Market where our homeless and recovering trafficking survivors will get the opportunity to sell some of the creations they learn to make in our classes and they will get to KEEP the money they make.

Please consider donating to the Creativity Shell today.

Your donation of $25 helps us travel to and from local shelters where we teach classes.
Your donation of $50 will help to pay for materials and supplies.
Your donation of $100 will help to sponsor a workshop.
Your donation of $160 will sponsor a student for a full 12-week semester.
Your donation of $400 will sponsor sewing machine maintenance for 6 sewing machines.
Your donation of $1250 will sponsor a 6-week program in an at-risk-school or shelter that rescues children from homelessness and human trafficking.
Your donation of $2500 will sponsor a 12-week program in an at-risk-school or a shelter that rescues children from homelessness and human trafficking.

Thank you for supporting the Creativity Shell and thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to find creative ways to educate and inspire the next generation of makers.


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Creativity Shell relies on donations of cash, fabric, supplies and new sewing machines.