Creativity Connects – Teach your Children Well!

The Creativity Shell just launched our first annual philanthropy project where the students in our program will connect with children overseas through creativity. This year, we are going to be sewing pillows and sending them overseas to Syrian children in refugee camps.

heart-pillow-childrenIt is difficult to tell my students the full realities of what is happening across the world.   When they ask, I remind them many children do not have beds to sleep in at night. So far, all of the students that have been sewing pillows have been enthusiastic about helping other children in need. They are truly filling their pillows with so much love and joy; it’s absolutely amazing to watch. I’m hoping this project will not only teach our children to perfect their machine sewing skills, but will also teach them to always look out for each other regardless of the continent they live on.

I remember singing the song “Teach your children well” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at when I was a child. As I am sitting here today cutting out rectangles, squares and decorations for more students to sew pillows for Syrian children, I though I would share the lyrics with you.