Recycled Fish Art Contest

Each year, millions of plastic products are dumped into the oceans. Due to the impact this phenomenon is having on our waters, marine life and our overall health, the Creativity Shell is hosting a Recycled Fish Art Contest to challenge the children of Rochester to use trash and make a positive difference for fish.

The Recycled Fish Art Contest is open to Rochester area children ages 5 – 17.  Students will make a fish (any type) by using recycled materials.  Fish will be on display and judged at the organization’s annual gala/fashion show Creativity Rocks! “Atlantis the Lost City” on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 6PM – 9PM. Creativity Rocks is a student fashion show/gala that will consist of clothing exclusively designed, made and worn by students who are currently enrolled in our sewing/textile arts programs across Rochester.  Creativity Rocks will also feature e-textile garments that are made (and programmed) by our STEAM focused engineering students as well as clothing made in honor of students rescued from homelessness and human trafficking as well as custom made garments made by the newest Rochester citizens from our refugee communities.

Each guest attending Creativity Rocks “Atlantis the Lost City” will be a judge for this contest. On entry, guest will receive a judging card and this will be used to determine the winner. 

The 3 winning Fish (First, Second, Third) will be auctioned off at Creativity Rocks.
1st place winners will receive:
* 30% of the proceeds from the auction sale of their fish.
* 1- Week of summer camp at the Creativity Shell. ($220 Value)
* First place ribbon.

2nd place winners will receive:
* 20% of the proceeds from the auction sale of their fish.
* 3 – Days of summer camp at the Creativity Shell. ($150 Value)
* 2nd place ribbon.

3rd place winners will receive:
* 10% of the proceeds from the auction sale of their fish.
* 1- Day of summer camp at the Creativity Shell ($55 Value)
* 3rd place ribbon.

Entry fees for this contest have been waived!  ALL fish must be delivered to the Creativity Shell studio at 1984 Monroe Avenue by 5PM on Friday, June 7, 2018 with a copy of entry receipt.


* Fish must be made of recycled materials.
* Fish must be made and not purchased.
* Toxic or hazardous materials as well as materials that produce fire are prohibited.

Contestants will be judged on:

  • Best use of recycled materials
  • Best in Show
  • Originality

Tickets to Creativity Rocks “Atlantis the Lost City” are sold separately: