Registration for Fall 2018 Sewing Classes at the Creativity Shell Rochester is OPEN!

Registration for Fall 2018 sewing/textile classes at the Creativity Shell is open!  We have a few new classes added to our schedule this semester and we can’t wait to share them with your kids. Please save the date Saturday, December 1, 2018 for our annual Munchkin Market.

Afterschool Schedule: 

Beginning Sewing

This class is great for children (5+) who are learning how to sew and/or are still working on some of the fundamental skills in sewing such as patience, problem solving, decision making and strengthening fine motor skills.

Intermediate Sewing
Students in the Intermediate Sewing Class are either students with sewing experience and can cope with working on larger/more complicated sewing projects than the Beginning Sewing Class.

Fashion Arts

Our fashion arts class is perfect for students who want to make their own clothes!  Students in this class will learn to make new clothing items and accessories and they will also learn to up-cycle clothing and accessories as well.

NEW – Fashion Design/Drafting
Our fashion design/drafting class will teach children to create from concept to reality. Students will learn design elements, cut out their own items and will be introduced to pattern drafting.

NEW – Industrial Design

The NEW Industrial design class at the Creativity Shell is for children who love to build.  Week after week, students will be challenged to create different building projects by using a variety of different mediums.  Students will be building items such as candle holders from wine glasses (they will learn to cut glass!!), lights from old jars, pyrography, woodworking and more!

NEW – Textile Arts
Students in the textile arts class will learn to sew and learn to manipulate the items they sew with textile arts.   Students can expect to learn about the color wheel and how to create different colors and effects with fabric dyes, paints and screen printing.  Students can also expect to learn about knitting and crocheting in this class as well as how to up-cycle old garments to create new masterpieces.

Cooking and Baking classes at the Creativity Shell are as much fun as they are tasty! Students in this class will learn many practical and fundamental skills of cooking as well as learn about food and nutrition.  Each week we will cook/bake a different recipe and kids are encouraged to keep track of the recipes they create in class to make their own cookbook.

NEW – Weekend Wind- Down
The weekend wind-down at the Creativity Shell is a multi-medium class where students will get dive into a project in a creative atmosphere after a long and busy week. Students in this class will sew, cook, paint, do pottery, jewelry making, toy making and more.  This class is great for students who love to sew and create!

NEW – Pre-School Sewing/Textile Arts
This is a great class for children ages 3-5 who are not in Kindergarten.  Students in this class will be strengthening their fine motor skills by learning to hand sew, machine sew, cook and more!  Some of the projects that we will be making are fabric story books, beaded jewelry, fused glass coasters and other creative projects designed for little hands in mind!

Homeschool Education
Don’t forget to sign your homeschoolers up for our fun and creative morning programs!
Classes are held Monday’s & Tuesday from 10AM – 11:15.