Creativity Shell partners with Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy

The EZ Kids Creativity Shell had a wonderful meeting today with Ms. Astra Zeno who is the Computer Science and Engineering teacher at Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy in Houston. We were discussing various methods of blending a sewing program into the Robotics and Engineering department when we found ourselves blending electricity conductive thread with batteries and LED light bulbs!

The future of electronically charged clothing is here and teaching students the importance of drafting patterns and making these garments will be essential to the design and production potential of the garments.

The Creativity Shell will begin a 12 week program at Young Women’s College Preparatory starting in January 2016. We are extremely excited to blend our sewing classes with the engineering department at this school and we cannot wait to see the futuristic designs the students learn to create.

Our programs are funded entirely through sponsorships, donations and fundraising.