Dolls for Donations! Support the Creativity Shell.


dollsfordonationsThe Creativity Shell needs your support!  For every $25 donation we receive, the Creativity Shell will sew a special doll to honor your donation and fulfill our mission to educate and inspire kids!

The Creativity Shell is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses creative trades to educate and inspire kids. Our organization provides free sewing/textile art classes in Houston Public Libraries, schools and special shelters that rescue kids from homelessness and human trafficking. Through sewing/textile art classes, we are teaching kids practical and vocational skills.

To continue our work, our organization needs to purchase sewing machines, age appropriate materials/supplies and pay for the cost of reputable teachers who will teach our sewing programs at numerous Public Libraries, schools and shelters in Houston  on a weekly basis for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

The ability to sew and use other creative trades is becoming a lost art in the United States; we fear it will greatly impact our children.  We have become a generation of buyers and our children are losing the ability to make or do anything for themselves.  The Creativity Shell is using sewing/textile arts classes and other trades to circumvent this epidemic by teaching kids to think creativity and learn vocational skills. By teaching classes that involve up-cycling clothing, ironing, designing, sewing, fabric dyeing, costume design, quilting, and home economics skills, we are inspiring kids to use creative elements to efficiently make something out of nothing.

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