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George Foreman Embraces Creativity Shell!

George Foreman Embraces Creativity Shell, Launches Sewing Program for Kids at Youth Center!

Houston, TX – With a lifelong passion for helping kids in need, the George Foreman Youth center has partnered with the non-profit organization the “Creativity Shell” to launch a sewing/textile arts program for inner city kids!

The Youth Center has been known for the last 25+ years as a “go to” place to exercise and enhance boxing skills. In the last two years, the children and siblings of center members have been waiting at the center without age appropriate activities to help them pass the time. Frustrated with watching children play on their phones and tablets, Foreman saw the opportunity to transform unused space at the center into a creative space for young children and reached out to the Creativity Shell to help inspire the kids!

With successful sewing/textile arts programs for kids at the Kingwood Public Library, Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy and other public schools in Houston, the Creativity Shell knows exactly what it takes to use creativity to educate and inspire kids.

“We have students that enter our programs who have never seen a sewing machine and by the end of the first day, they are able to make something to take home!” Said Shelancia Daniel, the founder and Chief Creative Director for the Creativity Shell. “Sewing is becoming such a lost art and having the ability to teach it to children in need is really a blessing!” added Daniel.

Children at the Youth Center will learn to use sewing machines, dye fabrics, up-cycle clothing and more. As the program develops, students will also benefit from a range of textile experts who will teach special workshops to help pass on their creative trades to the next generation.

The Creativity Shell textile program will open at the George Foreman Youth Center on Tuesday evenings from 4:00PM – 5:00PM starting February 9, 2016. All students registered for this program will also have the ability to showcase their designs in the Creativity Shell’s annual Fashion show at the Children’s Museum of Houston in May 2016.

For those of you expecting to see Foreman behind a sewing machine any time soon, “I might just have to pop in there a few times and learn to sew a few things myself!” said Foreman.

If you would like more information about the textile program at the George Foreman Youth Center, please contact Brandi Dumas at the George Foreman Youth Center or Shelancia Daniel ( from the Creativity Shell.

This program is funded entirely through sponsorships, fundraising and donations.  If you would like to donate to this program, please contact the Creativity Shell. or @creativityshell