Handmade Pillows for Kids by Kids!

Six-year-old Ahmed (Photo below) was just a baby when the war in Syria began. A roadside bomb killed his father and he is currently walking through Hungary with his uncle sleeping on the streets each night.

The “Where the Children Sleep” photography series by Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman provided a visual glimpse into the realities of children currently displaced by the war in Syria. Children are sleeping in the streets with little more than a sheet or sweater to provide comfort for their little heads at night.

Photo by Magnus Wennman/REX Shutterstock (5183031c)
Ahmed (6) Photo by Magnus Wennman/REX Shutterstock (5183031c)

The Creativity Shell has partnered with Vision Beyond Borders to sew and ship pillows overseas for Syrian children in refugee camps. The pillows will be handmade by children right here in America and will be filled with all the love, joy and peace of this holiday season. This will be an excellent project to allow our children to utilize their creativity and help other children in need.

Workshops will be conducted at various locations in Houston, TX from November 22, 2015 – December 6, 2015. To sign up for a workshop, please contact us.

** Tuesday November 22, 2015 (Kingwood, TX)
** Sunday November 27, 2015 (Kingwood, TX)
** Additional dates will be added to this page.

If you would like to host a workshop, please contact us!
If you cannot make it to a workshop and would like to donate a pillow, please do so below! (We will make the pillow for you)