Tony’s Place Embrace Creativity Shell – Donations Needed!

Tony’s Place has opened a youth focused drop in center for youth members of the LGBT community.

The mission of Tony’s Place is to provide a dependable, safe place where youth 13-24 who are unstably housed, couch surfing or experiencing homelessness can come seven days a week.  Tony’s Place welcomes all youth in need and has a special focus on the unique needs of LGBT youth from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week at 3611 Montrose Boulevard.

The Creativity Shell will begin offering weekly sewing/textile arts classes at Tony’s place. Sewing/textile art programs will be structured and designed to teach practical skills to students. Structured programs empower the students to accomplish positive tasks while working in a creative environment with designers and artists alike. Some of the classes offered will include: fabric dyeing, textile arts, fashion merchandising, up cycling, alterations, tailoring and more.

Upon completion of the Creativity Shell sewing/textile arts program, students will have the basic skills to find employment in retail stores, manufacturing or entrepreneurship by owning a home based alterations business or an online stores such as Students are also encouraged to use sewing/textile arts skills as a hobby.

To implement a successful sewing/textile arts curriculum at Tony’s Place, the Creativity Shell needs your help. Monetary donations to purchase new sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers, storage lockers, locks, mannequins are necessary.  Experienced sewing/textile arts teachers will also be hired by the Creativity Shell to commit to a weekly sewing schedule and assist the youth at Tony’s Place to become the next generation of makers! Donations of fabrics, clothing and notions are also welcome and very much appreciated!