Pi Day Bake-Off Fundraiser!

A FUN Bake-Off fundraiser where kids get to learn, participate, give back to the community and have fun at the same time!

On Pi Day Marcy 14, 2021, please join the Creativity Shell for a fun, tasty and virtual fundraiser!  TICKETS: Proceeds from this event will benefit the Creativity Cooks/healthy meals cooking programs in low income schools, the juvenile justice system, and for any families with children who experience food insecurity.

The Creativity Shell is a nonprofit organization on a mission to use creative trades to educate and inspire the next generation of makers.  Our organization teaches classes such as sewing/textile arts, cooking, building and other creative trades to students in our studios, libraries, schools, ABA therapy centers, the juvenile justice system as well as shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.  All of our classes are designed to teach children essential life and practical skills.

Creativity Cooks is a cooking program from the Creativity Shell that teaches both virtual/hybrid and in-person cooking classes to children and youths ages 5-24.  For virtual/hybrid classes, the Creativity Shell packages all ingredients necessary to complete a recipe in a meal kit along with a child friendly written recipe and online video.  The meal kits are delivered to children at their homes, schools or community centers and children can take the kits home to follow directions and make the meal for themselves and/or their families.  Videos of the projects are also available online so children with special needs such as sight, hearing, literacy or language can easily follow along and cook.  Creativity Cooks has also been a great program for children who experience food scarcity and receive food from food backs because Creativity Cooks teaches them to cook a variety of different and healthy meals with common goods such as pasta and rice, they might receive from food banks.

In 2021, the Creativity Shell will be launching the Creativity Cooks program to youths in the juvenile justice system.

How do you participate?

1. Purchase a ticket (can participate virtual/hybrid or completely virtual).

a. Tickets will include the option to pick up a meal kit from the Creativity Shell Houston/Kingwood or Rochester/Webster locations or participate    completely virtually by downloading the recipe and purchase materials and supplies on your own.

b. Please note, regardless of ticket tier, all participants will participate virtually on zoom to bake their pies on Sunday, March 14, 2021 from 2PM – 4PM EST.

2. On the day off the event (March 14, 2021 from 2PM – 4PM EST, log into the zoom link and start baking your pie!

3. Participants will receive a special Pi-Day Badge from the Creativity Shell and photos of your finished pies will be posted on the Creativity Shell social media pages for likes and comments.

4. The Pi-Day Bake off encourages K-12 student participation. Everyone is welcome to help but please use this event to encourage the children in your lives to learn, participate, give back to the community and have fun at the same time.

Questions and Answers:

Q. Do we have to log into zoom to make our pies?
A. You do not have to but it is encouraged.

Q. Can adults participate?
A. Yes, we encourage K-12 student participation but adults can participate and support as well.

Q. Can I have my pie professionally made by someone else?
A. There is no way for us to know if you do, so we encourage everyone to have fun with this.

Q. Do I have to make the pie in the recipe?
A. Yes, there is going to be a catch to this bakeoff that will require you to bake the pie in the recipe.  You will have the opportunity to customize it, but we want everyone to be on the same playing field before you begin to customize.

Q. Where can I find tickets?
A. Tickets are available at: https://creativityshell.ticketspice.com/pi-day-bake-off-fundraiser#ticketBlock

Q. Is the recipe Gluten Free?
A. There will be a gluten free as well as a vegetarian and kosher option for the pie recipe.