Return of Home Economics

If you ask anyone above the age of 40 if they remember home economics, they will most certainly say YES! In fact, they usually follow up to your question with a story about when they were in school and what they used to do in their home economics class. Due to budget constraints and the lack of belief about the importance of home economics, many children today have lost these fantastic classes in their schools and one Non-Profit Organization is planning on bringing it back!

On Tuesday, October 7, 2015, the EZKids Creativity Shell wheeled a mobile unit of sewing machines, fabric, needles and thread to teach a home economics class at Garden Oaks Elementary School in Houston.  This was the first of many sewing/textile classes the non-profit organization has planned and this was the first of many schools they plan to offer their home-economics services to free of charge to the schools.

At this time, the Creativity Shell offers sewing and textile art classes to students in grade 1 and up. As the Creativity Shell expands, students can look forward to other home economics classes such as cooking, woodworking, trades, crafts and more.

Students taking the sewing classes at Garden Oaks Elementary School were excited to say the least. They were excited to work directly with the sewing machines and even more excited when they all realized they have the potential to make clothing and other garments on their own.

What did the teachers have to say? “We want to sew too!”

Keep posted for news and updates about the Sewing and Textile programs from the Creativity Shell! If you would like to donate to this project, please click here.