Sew a Little Love Hug!

May is Youth Mental Health Awareness Month and the Creativity Shell + Moda Fabrics needs the help of the sewing world to Sew a Little Love with us!

To continue their commitment to give back to the community, eliminate inequality and help people in need; Moda Fabrics and the Creativity Shell are inviting the sewing community to come together again this year to Sew Love Hugs that will support youth mental health awareness and arts education!

Moda Fabrics has been in the quilting and fabric industry since 1975.  Since the beginning, the company has been striving to be creative leaders on the cutting edge of the industry.  Along with their commitment to providing the best quality and service to the products they sell; the company also believes in giving back to the industry especially to organizations that work to promote arts education.

The Creativity Shell is a nonprofit organization that teaches classes such as sewing/textile arts, cooking, building and other creative trades to students in their private studios, libraries, schools, ABA therapy centers, the juvenile justice system as well as shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.  All of their classes are designed to teach children essential life skills, practical skills and positive youth mental health.

When Moda Fabrics learned about the Creativity Shell and their commitment to include free mental health therapy to students in their arts education classes, the company was excited to use their resources to help the organization raise money for a great cause.  The Sew a Little Love Bug and now Love Hugs Mental Health Awareness Campaign were developed as a way to help the sewing world sew products for a great cause and to help children receive a handmade comfort toy to help those struggling with mental health issues, know that someone out there cares.

How does the Love Hug Work?
A Love Hug can be used as a scarf/wrap.  They are designed to give the user a Hug! Pockets can be placed on the individual circles that can be used to insert heat/cool packs or weights to give it a weighted blanket use/feel.  Love Hugs can also be used as a sensory item for children on the spectrum by using stiff interfacing to line the fabrics.

Why a Love Hug?
Children in shelters and hospitals do not always have the opportunity to receive hugs.  Love Hugs are cute, soft, colorful and fun and are designed to give a Hug to a child when they are in need.

To support, please donate today and receiving your pattern with instructions of the NEW Love Hug!  If you are a hospital, shelter or a place in need of Love Bugs, Love Hugs, Literacy Cubes or other handmade products, please click here to fill out the form: Sew a Little Love – Donation Request Form.