University of Adelaide’s creative minds of the future!

University of Adelaide’s creative minds of the future showcase their final-year projects.
Juggling quad copters, drones that extinguish industrial fires, a machine that can kick a football over 50 metres, and a mini-hoverboard were just some of the creations on display from the creative minds at Ingenuity 2015.

The event showcased the final-year projects of students from the engineering, computer and mathematic science schools of the University of Adelaide.

Executive dean of the faculty, Professor John Beynon, said the day was a celebration of the students’ achievements.

“We have over 650 of our final-year graduates presenting their final year work [here],” Professor Beynon said.

“The sheer variety is quite jaw-dropping.”

The soon-to-be graduates must explain their projects to high school students, visiting industry experts and academics, who will judge them as part of their final grades. Read More…