Creativity Cooks – Virtual/Hybrid & In-Person Cooking Classes!

Creativity Cooks – In Person Classes at our NEW Cookery!!

Teaching children to cook and follow recipes has bee a passion of the Creativity Shell ever since we first opened our doors.  Our Webster Studio will be opening a Cookery in January similar to our Cookery in the Creativity Shell Houston studio.   The Cookery will offer in-person cooking classes for students ages 5+!

Creativity Cooks – Virtual/Hybrid/Delivery:  is a meal delivery program that delivers ingredients and recipes to children at their homes.  Recipes are written in a format that is easy for children to follow and fantastic for children to create a home cooked meal for themselves and replicate it for their families. A video of the project is also available online so children with difficulty reading our seeing can easily follow along and cook.

One of the best elements of Creativity Cooks is the children do not know what meal they are receiving, it’s a surprise! Each week students wait to receive their packages and are so excited to open it to see what’s inside.

Creativity Cooks International as well as other themes such as Islands in the Sun, Artisan Foods… were added to Creativity Cooks as the organization’s way of teaching children about different races and different cultures.  The Creativity Shell believes that food is one of those things that bring people together and if we can teach our children to accept each other and accept our differences, food is definitely a great place to start.

Registration for Winter 2022 Cooking classes is OPEN!  Please click on the schedule date for more information about each class.

Delivery – The Great Community Bake-Together – 4 Week Meal Delivery Kits for $55
 Begins Wednesday Jan 5, 2022 – Register/More Info… 

Bake-Together/No kits only recipes

In-Person – Soups & Savories – 4 Week Class for $75!
Monday Class from 5:30PM – 6:30PM: Begins January 10, 2022
Tuesday Class from 4PM – 5PM: Begins January 11, 2022

Delivery – Rodeo Classics
Begins Feb 2, 2022 and lasts for 4 weeks! Register/More Info…

In-Person – Soul Food!
Begins Feb 7, 2022 and lasts for 4 weeks.
** We will not have classes during the week of February 21st.
Monday Class from 5:30PM – 6:30PM: Begins February 7, 2022
Tuesday Class from 4PM – 5PM: Begins February 8, 2022

Delivery – Eat This … If you Dare! – Begins March 9, 2022 and lasts for 4 weeks!Register/More Info..

Healthy Meals & Snacks!
Begins March 14, 2022 and lasts for 4 weeks!
Monday Class from 5:30PM – 6:30PM: Begins March 14, 2022
Tuesday Class from 4PM – 5PM: Begins March 15, 2022