Creativity Shell to open Makerspace for kids in Kingwood!

Nonprofit organization the Creativity Shell, who is on a mission to educate and inspire the next generation of makers, is opening a makerspace for kids in Kingwood. Founded in 2015, by costume designer Shelancia Daniel, the Creativity Shell teaches sewing/textile arts classes in local schools, public libraries and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.

The makerspace will be a child friendly environment where students can learn practical disciplines such as sewing, textile arts, costume design, silversmithing and other advanced design courses that are difficult to teach at the organizations mobile locations such as libraries and shelters. There will also be a dedicated S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program where students will learn to sew with electricity conductive threads and build LED lights and circuits into clothing. In addition, the Creativity Shell will also be the official “Textile Badge” handler for the San Jacinto Girl Scouts. Textile arts such as dyeing yarns and fabrics, textile painting and fabric weaving will be some of the classes taught to Girl Scouts in Houston for them to receive textile badges.

“Our makerspace for kids is a dream come true!” says Daniel. “It is so important that we teach many of these forgotten arts to our kids, and we are so happy that we have a dedicated space where we can do that.”

Parents of early childhood learners are encouraged to participate in morning classes that will utilize sewing/textile arts to strengthen the Fine Motor Skills (FMS) of pre-school children. Research has shown that that children with lower FMS are likely disadvantaged during reading and writing tasks. The Creativity Shell aims to strengthen the FMS of students through sewing/textile arts in hopes to help the student have a better advantage with reading and writing at school. During the sewing process, students will be continually reinforced to utilize their FMS. Upon completion of the program, early childhood learners will be able to achieve the following skills independently: thread needles, cut fabrics, sew through a guided path and tie knots.

A range of textile experts who are beyond excited to teach their specialized trades to children will teach classes. The makerspace will be open in September 2016 at 1544 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood TX 77339. To register for classes or to book a private sewing/birthday party, please visit the organizations website at

Funds raised from the makerspace will be used to help the Creativity Shell continue to offer public classes in schools, public libraries and shelters that rescue children from homelessness and human trafficking.