Creativity Shell STEAMS Back into Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy!

Teach girls to Sew Electric!

When students at Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy (YWCPA) in Houston took their first sewing class with the Creativity Shell last semester, handmade makeup bags and clothing became the talk of the school! By the time the girls learned how to sew and code electrical elements with electricity conductive threads, electroluminescent wire and LED lights into their garments; the future of fashion was awoken and more girls wanted to join the program.

The Creativity Shell is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that teaches sewing/textile arts programs at Houston Public Libraries, public schools and shelters that rescue children from human trafficking. The organization provides the sewing machines, fabrics, supplies and certified sewing/textile arts instructors to teach kids.

The S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) sewing/textile arts program offered by the Creativity Shell teaches students to sew with electricity conductive threads (ECT) and electroluminescent wire (EL Wire). Students in these classes learn to use ECT to add electrical elements to their garments such as LED lights. Students will also learn to “CODE” the electrical elements of their garments and allow them to “Light Up” in sequence.

When the Creativity Shell first introduced this program at YWCPA, 12 students enrolled in the class. This semester, the organization will have over 40+ girls divided into 3 full time classes. Industrial designer Kathleen “Kat” Crawford will teach the sewing/textile arts classes. “I am very excited to have Kat lead this class!” says Shelancia Daniel, Executive Director of the Creativity Shell. “Kat is a well rounded designer, (she makes chandeliers out of mattress springs!), and will be able to teach the girls to sew and make other out of this world items that can be incorporated into their STEAM education.”

In addition to bags and garments students will make, Kat also plans to teach students to make and code lamps and other accessories that can turn on and off with the touch of your hand!

Sewing/Textile Arts Classes will begin at YWCPA on Thursday, September 29, 2016. This program is entirely funded through sponsorship, fundraising and donations to the Creativity Shell. If you would like to donate to this program, the Creativity Shell is in dire need of new sewing machines.