Maker’s Math – Math Tutoring for Visual Learners!

The Creativity Shell is excited to launch a new math tutoring class for visual learners! This idea was one of the initial goals of the Creativity Shell when Founder and Executive Director Shelancia Daniel taught her son math on the beach by counting, adding and subtracting crabs! (This is where the Shell comes from Creativity Shell!)

Math problems and equations can be difficult for students to grasp if they need to see the numbers and equations in action. Results from the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress (National Center for Education Statistics, 2011) indicate 60% of fourth-grade and 57% of eighth-grade United States students failed to meet standards of proficiency in mathematics. Furthermore, with only 10% of fourth graders and 6% of eighth graders meeting international standards of advanced proficiency, U.S. students rank below their same-age peers from eight countries (National Center for Education Statistics, 2008).

The Creativity Shell will provide a variety of play-based games; activities and items for students to physically make.  These activities will teach children about match equations, fractions, multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting and more. This class aims to encourage students to utilize math skills in everyday activities and to enjoy playing/working with numbers. Students in this class will also learn general sewing skills and will generally leave this class with math/sewing related items they’ve made.

Additionally, this class will be for students in grades 2 – 5. Each child will be individually assessed for their math skills on the first day of class. Games and activities will be given to each child based on the help they need.